Published On: May 21, 2021
handgun accuracy

It’s estimated that Americans own a total of 393 million guns. That’s a lot! With so many guns, it’s crucial you know how to use them safely and accurately.

However, how do you shoot accurately at your target? Are there tools you need to buy, or are they’re practices you can do?

Don’t worry, with this guide you can find out! From investing in a laser sight to avoiding common mistakes, you can learn how to shoot more precisely today.

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s an in-depth look at how to enhance your handgun accuracy:

1. Practice Dry Firing

Many people believe the only way to improve your handgun skills is to use live firing practices at a shooting range. However, that’s not the case; in fact, practicing good form while keeping your gun empty can be extremely helpful in improving your overall aim.

After all, in dry firing, there is no recoil, and without it, you can see if you’re practicing good posture. If you aren’t, this is a great time to correct your posture and work on your hand alignment.

Also, drying firing can help you get acquainted with your gun. Since there are no distractions, you can focus on balancing the gun properly, aiming it center, and enhancing your accuracy.

2. Invest In Laser Sight

Another good tip to keep in mind is to invest in good laser sight. The last thing you want is an uncooperative laser that doesn’t work when it’s supposed to.

Instead, purchase a high-quality laser; while it may be expensive, it’s definitely worthwhile. After all, it’s a great tool to use to enhance your aim and improve your hand alignment. For instance, you’ll know where you’re firing as well as have a better sight of your target and what’s around it.

With laser sights, you can point your aim right over your target and simply shoot to get an accurate shot. Laser sights are the perfect training tool for a beginner shooting or an accessory for a seasoned hunter.

3. Gain Muscle Memory

Once you’ve been trained, your hand muscles will know what to do, but typically, there is still some general thinking on your part. Thus, It’s important to trust yourself and in your muscle memory during this process. However, don’t just believe because you’ve been trained once you’ll know it all. Accurate muscle memory will develop overtime.

To accelerate your muscle memory, perform hand drills at least three times a day. It will help you remember correct hand posture, and within a few days, you won’t have to think about it; instead, your muscles will correctly grip the gun, aim it, and squeeze the trigger. Not only will it make your aim more accurate, but it will make you learn to trust yourself and in your shot.

4. Squeeze the Trigger

Now, most beginners don’t realize, but there is a slight difference between squeezing and pulling the trigger. In fact, those that squeeze the trigger rather than pull it have higher accuracy rates.

Here’s why: when you squeeze the trigger, you press it at a smoother rate that your finger moves straight back, using steady movement, and pressure you’re able to stabilize your aim. However, when you pull the trigger, it’s quicker and unsteady, resulting in less accurate marks.

If you’re a beginner at shooting, start squeezing the trigger to practice your aim. It will help you see your target and alight your shot correctly.

5. Avoid Common Pitfalls

To improve your precision, try to avoid certain mannerisms that will hinder your ability to aim properly. For example, this includes:

  • Tightening your fingers
  • Improper placement of your fingers
  • Pushing your fingers in anticipation of a recoil
  • Jerking
  • Dangling of the head

Avoiding these stances will help improve your overall aim. Although, if you’re in a habit of performing them, you’ll notice that your aim may be slightly off.

For example, if your gun wobbles when you shoot or you move back when the gun recoils, you’ll likely miss your shot. Also, if you hold the gun too tightly, it puts too much pressure on the gun, which can leave it disproportionately balanced, resulting in a missed shot.

To fix these mistakes, try constantly correcting yourself in order to make your muscle memory adapt to the correct way. That way, over time, you won’t have to correct yourself; instead, your body will automatically do the right stance.

6. Just Breathe

Breath is your friend, so don’t be afraid of it. In fact, breathing can be a great focal point for you to use to shoot with accuracy.

For example, when you have your handgun extended, start by inhaling normally and exhaling as you normally would. Don’t try to hold your breath, or you’ll begin to shake and rush your shot.

Instead, take it slow; when you see your target take your shot. Generally, your shot will ring out at the sound of your exhale.

Improve Your Handgun Accuracy Today

Handgun accuracy is crucial when shooting. After all, no one wants to shoot at the wrong target, so to enhance your accuracy, follow these tips today. Start by practicing dry firing, gaining muscle memory, or learning to squeeze the trigger.

These tips will not only improve your accuracy but will increase your confidence as a shooter. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

If you’re interested in learning more about handguns, stop by our gun safety course. We look forward to helping you learn how to shoot safely!