• COST: $15 (Member discounts not included) covers cost of additional cost of RSOs and range equipment. Limited to 20 participants.
  • PREREQUISITE: all are welcome

  • Check-In: 6:00pm

  • Orientation and walk-thru: Starts at 6:00pm

  • HAMMER DROP: No later than 6:15pm and ends by 8:00pm

Dueling Tree – Mike
Know Your Limit – Britt
10 Round Challenge – Britt
Mixed Distance – Britt

Texas Gun Club’s 22 LR Competition offers shooters, regardless of experience or skill, the opportunity to improve their skills shooting at 8 targets that decrease in size increasing the difficulty to hit.
Categories are open sight, optics, pistol, and rifle.
Scoring – 8 shots max per match.  Shoot the largest target first and work down to the smallest – Points awarded for each target hit are 2-2-3-4-6-8-10-15.   Lose all points if you miss or stop early and keep the points earned.  We also utilize our target carriers to have moving targets for an added challenge!

PREREQUISITE: No prerequisites; anyone can join!

Shooters who have not previously participated in TGC Action Pistol will be required to complete a safety briefing and shooting experience review before being allowed to shoot.

22LR is available at League City.