Action Rifle Night

  • COST: $25 (Member discounts not included) covers cost of additional cost of RSOs and range equipment. Limited to 12 participants.

  • PREREQUISITE: See below

  • SAFETY BRIEF: 6:00

  • HAMMER DROP: 6:15

  • FINISHED BY: 8:00

Texas Gun Club’s Action Rifle Night offers shooters, regardless of experience or skill, the opportunity to improve their skills, learn new techniques with practical defensive rifle and equipment to solve simulated “real world” self-defense scenarios.  The shooter will be moving between targets, shooting multiple targets, reloading and will be shooting around barricades/obstacles.  Shooters will not be shooting from the prone or kneeling positions.

Equipment needed:  A rifle, carbine, SBR, Pistol Caliber Carbine are all allowed, 2 magazines,  a magazine pouch, and 100 rounds of brass cased ammo. No steel, green tip, or tracers allowed.

Suppressors are welcome.

No sling is required.

PREREQUISITE: Shooters must be able to demonstrate competency in fundamental rifle safety and handling skills to be eligible to shoot:

  • Trigger discipline, safe trigger finger position until ready to fire.
  • Muzzle awareness and discipline.
  • Ability to safely load, unload and keeping the above in practice.

Shooters who have not previously participated in TGC Action Rifle may be required to complete a safety briefing and shooting experience review before being allowed to shoot.

Action Rifle Night is available at the League City location.