COVID-19 Operations

Latest Update: January 20, 2021

Warning: You may come in close contact with other people and you may even have a little fun. However, the use of Texas Gun Club facilitates is completely voluntary. We are not responsible for any injuries or illness, nor are we responsible for any losses or damages resulting from any illness or injury, regardless of how or where the injury or illness occurred.  

Facial Coverings/Masks are encouraged while using our facilities. However, due to safety and security concerns, staff may ask that you remove your facial covering in order to confirm identification, ensure communication, or maintain safe operating conditions. 

Our COVID-19 policy aligns with the local, state, and federal mandates and guidelines as an essential business with valid safety and security concerns. 

At Texas Gun Club, we care about you and our community. Your safety and security is a top priority for us. The COVID-19 virus has affected all of us and we want you to know this has not changed. We’ve worked hard to avoid the politics of this pandemic and simply focused on ensuring our employees, customers, members, and their guests enjoy an amazing shooting sport experience. We are committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment and pledge to you that we will remain diligent and informed. 

Essential Business

According to the federal government and the State of Texas, Texas Gun Club is an essential business that provides constitutionally protected goods and supplies as well as maintains a state ID verification contractor (Fort Bend Private Investigators /IdentoGO). Therefore Texas Gun Club shall remain open. Our business hours and operations may vary in order to ensure customer and employee safety. We will post changes as needed here and on our social media. 

Occupancy Restrictions 

In accordance with the reopening plan for Texas, occupancy may be restricted or controlled. This may change day-to-day. Call ahead if you have concerns about occupancy. 

Facial Coverings * 

We recommend that all guests and employees wear facial coverings if they are not otherwise exempted due to medical or security reasons. 

Working To Keep You Safe

Health and safety have been an important part of Texas Gun Club all along. While we’ve always taken health and safety seriously, we have added some additional precautionary protocols to keep Texas Gun Club fun, friendly, and safe. Our facility is equipped with the best-in-class equipment and amenities and our staff is dedicated to providing you with expert training and a fantastic shooting sport experience.

Retail Operations: We ask that all guest and employees wear facial coverings in the retail/lobby area of the facility unless otherwise exempt and/or where social distancing is not possible (within 6’ of other guest or employees)”, 

Guests may be asked to remove their facial covering for identification or other safety reasons. You may be asked to leave if you refuse to remove your mask for identification, safety, or security reasons.

In addition to our normal facility maintenance and upkeep, we’ve added several cleaning and sanitization steps based on DHS and CDC COVID 19 protocols including:

  • Frequent sanitizing of keyboards, workstations, and other high-touch surfaces.
  • Hourly restroom checks and surface sanitization.
  • Sanitization of doorknobs and handles throughout the day.
  • Sanitization of rental firearms between each use.
  • Sanitization of hearing protection between use. 
  • Encouraging hand sanitation prior to and after use of tablets or other frequently handled equipment.
  • Added hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility and at each workstation. 
  • Prohibiting employees from working if they have or had a fever within the past 24-Hrs. 
  • Provide employees with COVID tests as needed. 

Range Operations: Facial coverings are not required while using the range. In fact, we recommend that you DO NOT use a mask unless you are confident that your eye protection will not fog. 

High-quality air is an important consideration for indoor shooting and we spared no expense in our design.  


Our shooting range was already one of the cleanest and safest in the country.  Ranges at Texas Gun Club utilize a 100% fresh air system that changes the air every 15 seconds, they DO NOT RECIRCULATE the air. This means that the harmful particulates are expelled down range, never risking the health of our guests. Now with the threat of COVID, our range HVAC system is even more important. 

Here are some things we already did even prior to COVID to ensure the health and safety of our guests:

  • Frequent sanitization of lane controllers and other range equipment. 
  • Widest shooting stalls in the industry with an average of 5ft between shooters separated by a five-foot-wide, floor-to-ceiling ballistic wall. 
  • Signage reminding shooters to wash hands after shooting to remove lead dust. 
  • Replacing the air in the range with fresh air every 15 seconds with the best air handling system on the market. 

The controlled atmosphere on our ranges can cause fogging of eye protection and immediate safety issues. The safety risk of suddenly not being able to see while holding a loaded firearm is a far greater risk to you or others around you than the very low risk of contracting COVID on our range.

Fingerprinting Services

Guests who are obtaining State Identification & Fingerprint Services through Fort Bend Private Investigators, the Texas IdentoGO contractor, MUST wear a mask and wash their hands with soap and water prior to their appointment due to the close proximity required to obtain these services.

We appreciate your good faith efforts in following DSHS and CDC protocols and recommendations while here at Texas Gun Club. Thank you for your help in being respectful of others’ space and safety while you are here. 

Hours of Operation 

Texas Gun Club continues to operate 7-days a week. Our hours of operation are 11 am to 7 pm, Monday thru Saturday. We are open on Sundays from noon to 6 pm. Operating hours are subject to change based on occupancy requirements or other safety and security concerns. Please call click here for more information on hours of operation. 

It is our hope and prayer that you and your families remain safe and healthy. Thank you for your business and for being a part of the Texas Gun Club community. We truly value you!

The Texas Gun Club Team

* If you see an employee without a mask, it is because they are cleared not to wear a mask because of one of the following conditions:
  1. The employee or guest was asked to remove the mask to better communicate.
  2. The employee or guest was asked to remove the mask for security reasons. 
  3. The employee was teaching a Firearms class or providing other instruction. 
  4. The employee or guest was not within 6’ of another person which, according to CDC, is the social distance recommendation.
  5. The employee has an underlying medical condition that prevents them from wearing a face covering. (These employees are closely monitored)
  6. The employee has tested positive for COVID antibodies and therefore is immune. (We offer regular testing for employees)
  7. The employee has been vaccinated and is therefore immune from getting or passing on COVID.
  8. Facial coverings may help reduce the distance COVID may travel from an infected person, during a sneeze, cough, or while breathing. There is some debate on how effective masks really are. However, science is very clear that the best way to prevent the spread of COVID or any other communicable disease is to avoid close contact, avoid touching your face, sanitize common surfaces, wash your hands often, and stay home when you’re ill. These are the policies that we enforce daily. You can be confident that we monitor our employees very closely. They are not permitted to work if they have had a fever within the last 24-hours and require them to either quarantine or be tested if there is any question.