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A Texas Law Shield Seminar hosted by Texas Gun Club

Self-Defense is No Joke

Danger lurks everywhere–parking lots, alleyways, and the shortcut to your kid’s dorm room. Even your own home can conceal threats. Evil people are everywhere, and they rely on your false feeling of safety. Don’t give these criminals a chance to prey on you or your loved ones.

At our Self-Defense is No Joke seminar, you will empower yourself with tips necessary for home security and public safety with the help of former police officer and self-defense instructor Austin Davis, who will teach you what you need to know so you don’t become a victim.

The best way to learn and remember this critical safety information is to laugh about it. A former stand-up comedian, Austin mixes his witty sense of humor with the safety facts you need to know to create a memorable, educational and entertaining experience.

All are welcome to take this course.

Take your home safety and public security into your own hands.


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