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Starting November 15, 2021, and running through December 5, 2021, customers who make a purchase over a certain dollar threshold will receive either a free Silencerco Octane or Warlock suppressor. The best part? The free items will ship within six months of the original purchase date.

  • Spend $799 before tax to get an Octane 9 or 45.
  • Spend¬†$599 before tax to get a Warlock 22.
  • The promotion will be active from November 15th to December 5th.
  • No purchase¬†quantity limit, however, you may only submit 5 serialized items per registration.
  • Purchases must be registered by December 31st, 2021 to qualify.
  • Registration will be hosted on our website (same website as below).
  • Offer limited to product in stock during time of promotion.
  • Failure to submit the correct information and documents can result in a delay in processing the promo registration.
  • Excludes the Hybrid 46M.
Speak to any of our sales team for details and full terms and conditions.

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