Published On: April 24, 2018

Gun of the Week: April 23-29, 2018

Hey everyone! Ashley here with the Gun of the week. This week we’re featuring all of our FN firearms.  It’s very unusual to find a company that’s been around for over a hundred and twenty-five years and y’all… If I went through all of the histories of FN, we’d probably be here for about three hours. But don’t worry! Craig would get mad if I took that long so we’ll keep it short.

FN’s story begins in 1889 when it was formed to manufacture over 150,000 Model 89 Mousers for the Belgian military. In the 1980’s, they moved their manufacturing company in Columbia, South Carolina where they are still producing small arms for the military, as well as certain products for civilians.
I’m currently holding their FNX 9. It was presented in 2009.  It comes in a .45, a .40 and a 9mm. It’s a polymer pistol and comes with an external hammer that’s released via double or single action operation. It is also fully ambidextrous. It has an amazing aggressive grip, not too abrasive or uncomfortable but definitely gives the impression that it won’t go anywhere.
We have a couple of different models on our rental wall so come out and try one!
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