Texas Gun Club’s Gunslinger Academy is our progressive training program designed to take you through the process of honing your shooting skills. Through the lens of the shooting sports, you will develop and refine general firearms skills that are also necessary for shooting competitions such as Steel Challenge and USPSA. 

A Progressive Firearms Training Program

Develop, Reinforce And Refine

Take unlimited classes within your tier over the course of 120 days.

Classes will be held on Monday nights and taught by Grand Master, USPCA shooter, Jason Brinkley.

(Courses can also be taken individually for $99 per class.)

Only $499
Unlimited Classes



  • Handgun Manipulation (loading, reloading, and manipulation)

  • Handgun Presentation, Recovery, and Retention

  • Recoil Management

  • Practical Trigger Control

  • Movement, Corners, and Barricades

  • Mulitple Target Engagement

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Only $499
Unlimited Classes

Gunslinger Pro


  • Shooting on the move

  • Maximizing Shooting Efficiency

    • Site and Trigger Management
    • Entering and Exiting, and Use of Cover
    • The Sub-1 Second Draw
  • Precision and Distance

  • Introduction to Self-Defense Application

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Only $499
Unlimited Classes

Gunslinger Master


  • Shooting Skills Mindset

  • Dynamics and Positional Shooting

  • Target Array & Selection

  • Competition Tactics and Transitions

  • Close Quarter Shooting

  • Time, Skill and Proximity

  • Shoot What You Carry

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