Published On: February 17, 2020
5 Key Health Benefits of Going to a Gun Range

Staying focused is just one health benefit of going to a gun range. Keep reading for learning how to shoot: 5 key health benefits of going to a gun range.

Everyone needs a good stress reliever, and learning how to shoot guns is one of the best mental and physical activities.

You could join the 30% of Americans that are responsible and proud gun owners, and improve your health and learn how to defend yourself at the same time.

Here are five key health benefits for going to the gun range.


Practice makes perfect. If you’re consistently shooting a firearm at a target, then you’re eventually going to become a marksman.

Marksmanship requires excellent focus and good hand-eye coordination. Remember to clear your mind concentrate on only the targets. Your hands and vision will determine if the target is hit.

With enough practice, you’ll notice other aspects of your life becoming easier with improved hand-eye coordination.

2. Learning How to Shoot Improves Posture

The stance required to shoot a gun is the perfect posture for standing or sitting. When you shoot, keep a straight back with upright shoulders.

Good posture prevents injury and promotes good balance.

As you develop better posture and stronger support muscles, your aim should become more steady and true.

3. Adrenaline Production

Adrenaline isn’t just for when you’re scared. Shooting a gun is one of the more exciting things you can do in a day.

When you fire your weapon, a spike of adrenaline should release giving you energy and focus.

The adrenaline production has other health benefits including breaking down glycogen – the main source of energy stored in your muscles. Adrenaline can also help sharpen your senses which is important for shooting.

4. Get Away From Screens

Everyone can use more time away from computers, TVs, and their phone. Staring at a screen all day increases your risk for near-sightedness.

Going to the gun range gets you off the couch and away from screens. Your eyesight can benefit from looking at objects far away and focusing.

You won’t fix any eye problems, but you can strengthen existing capabilities.

The more you go to the gun range and shoot, the more your eyes will get a break from stress. Don’t forget to wear eye protection at a range.

5. Improve Mental Fortitude

The combination of calculating your distance, breathing, and eyesight when shooting a weapon requires strong mental toughness.

It’s not easy to calibrate all the factors when adrenaline is being released. Your nerves and stamina will sharpen the more you shoot.

Frustration sets in when you can’t group your shots or miss a target altogether. You need to employ problem-solving and discipline to correct any errors or misses.

Get to the Gun Range

Your mental and physical fitness can be enhanced by learning how to shoot a firearm. Get to the gun range and start absorbing the health benefits.

If you are ready to start shooting or thinking about going to a range, contact us today and we can get you started with membership and training.

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