Published On: April 22, 2020

Earlier this year, we held an event called Meet the Regulators. A few of our members are dressed up either in cowboy attire or period-specific from the 18070s to the 1890s. We had a laser set-up and allowed people to put on a holster rig, belt, and a six-gun (a revolver that holds six cartridges) with a laser in it. Then they can try it out and see if they are fast enough to survive the Old West!

We’re going through all the different things: the ammo that we use, which are wax bullets, the casings, the primers, how to load… All those things. They then get a chance to go on the line and shoot.

The Fun in Competition

The Regulators are affiliated with the Cowboy Fast Draw Association. The CFDA is headquartered out of Fallon Nevada and is a national and international association. We have clubs all over. Some in Europe and even some in Asia as well as all over the United States. Some matches are done locally, at the state level, and at the territory level. Then there is the Worlds Fastest Gun Alive Championship in Fallon, NV.

The motto of Cowboy Fast Draw is “Safety first, fun second, and competition third.” What Scott “Revelator” Van Note likes to teach is get consistent and accurate first, then your speed will come. We are shooting from 15 ft at a 17-inch target, and we’re trying to do it as fast as we can, so there are a lot of misses.

Accuracy is super important. Somone that shoots between 0.5 and 0.6 of a second can frequently win a match against someone who shoots in the 0.3s and 0.4s. That is because they are more accurate. So accuracy is all about winning, and speed just makes it a lot more fun!

Growing the Shooting Sports

The Regulators Fastdraw Club is an example of the many different community-led groups or events that we have here within Texas Gun Club. The whole mission behind Texas Gun Club is to grow the shooting sports. The number of shooting sports opportunities is vast, and we believe that the shooting sports are a generational thing. We love to have families coming in together and enjoying those things together.

Our range strives to continually create events and opportunities that might appeal to different groups of people. We just want to invite people to check out the shooting sports and let us give you a chance to grow in that endeavor.

So come and shoot with us! If you want to come and check out our fast draw club, we’ll provide all the stuff you need to try it out. We shoot one, Tuesday night, and Sunday night a month. Check out our schedule and come join us for a great time!

Special thanks to HCC Stafford TV Studio for featuring our Meet the Regulators event in Great American Pastimes!