Published On: October 28, 2019

Build your own AR

Do you want to build your own AR? We have our popular AR Build class on sale right now. The course is in January, but we’re making it available now because

we want you to get the get those Christmas gift options all ironed out. And just for you who purchase the class by October 31st (so before November 1st), we are throwing in a free pair front and rear Magpul MBUS sights. That’s like a $75 value right there, just for signing up for the AR Build class before November 1st.  

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday, How about them ‘stros! Welcome to your Monday update. As you know, Monday is our License to Carry Monday, which is just one of our daily specials. We’ve got a bunch more, one for every day of the week, Monday through Friday. Make sure you jump on to our range page and check those out. We love to see you here. 

Houston’s Live-Fire Zombie Shoot

I’m going to keep it short today. So the first thing I want to tell you about is we’ve got Mission: Undead happening right now. As you know, from Thursday last week all the way through Halloween, from 6 to close. We’ve got a super cool, Houston’s own, live-fire zombie event. It is a blast, and people are having a great time doing this. Come and check it! Just twenty-five bucks a person, and you’ll get the shoot four really cool guns at some charging zombies. With some cool lights and some very familiar theme zombie music going on in the background, it’s lots of fun. You have got to come and check it out. That’s 6 to close, happening right now until Halloween, October 31st. It’s Mission Undead: 2019. 

Be prepared for the recent Gun Law changes

I just want to tell you really quickly about an event happening tomorrow night. It is the Texas Lawshield event: Texas gun claws changed September 1st. Are you prepared? If you need to register for that, go ahead, jump on over to our events page. There’s a link there that will take you to the place where you can register. It is only five dollars for Lawshield members, ten dollars for non-members, and it’s filling up really fast. I think we have 65 people already registered, which means there are just a few more seats left. If you’re interested in learning about the new laws that went into effect September 1st in the state of Texas for carrying, make sure you get signed in and registered so you can participate. 

Texas Gun Club is turning two!

Texas Gun Club is turning 2Alright. Next. This is the big one I want everybody to know about. Save the date and put it on your calendar! Mark it for November 9th because Texas Gun Club is turning two! That’s right, we’re going to have a fun birthday celebration. HK will be here for a range day, as well as Torrent Suppressors. We have been working with Primary Arms to see about getting those guys out. The guys from Camp Hope and the people from Texas Lawshield are also going to be here. It’s going to be a ton of fun. 

The celebration will kick off with a Veteran’s Tribute at 9:30 in the morning. Then we are going to roll right into the day’s events from 10 to 5.  We are also going to have a shooting challenge to raise money and support Camp Hope! And what’s a Texas Gun Club celebration without some giveways? We would very much love to have you participate and celebrate with us as we turn two. I cannot believe we are turning two, that is crazy!

That is all happening on November 9th, and we want to make sure you are here for that. Rumor has it there are even some barbecue sandwiches as well. You can’t miss out on that, can you? 

Thanks for joining us

We have a bunch more stuff coming up, just make sure you stay tuned. Remember, we are giving away free Magpul sights when you register for the AR Build class before November 1st. There are only a few days left to take advantage of this offer. 

Hey, go ahead and like and subscribe to all our social networks, and make sure you share the word with your friends so you can be a part of what’s happening here at the Texas Gun Club Community. Again, we are so glad you took the time to tune in to watch. We are really thankful to have you part of this community. I hope you have an excellent rest of your Monday. See you on the range!

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