Published On: November 18, 2019

Hey! How are you? Happy Monday to you. It’s your boy Craig here with Texas Gun Club bringing you your Monday update from your gun club, Texas Gun Cub. How do you like that opening? All right, so we’re gonna just dive right in.

As you know, today is Licensed to Carry Monday. We have many different daily specials Monday through Friday, just for you to come in and enjoy. We’ve put together our half-off range fees or package deals just for you, so make sure you take advantage of those. Check out the website on the range page and just see what is available for you during the week.

Private Events

The first thing I want to give you a heads up about is that we will close early on Wednesday, November 20th, for a full-facility private event. We plan on taking our last range times at 4 PM that day, so make sure to get that range time in around lunch or in the early afternoon.

If you’re interested in hosting your own private event, check out our Private Events page and get in touch with Brittanee. See what we can do to help you have your very own, super cool private event here at Texas Gun Club.

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving Day, we will be closed and stuffing our belly full of turkey and getting that tryptophan nap time. You know, all that goodness happening with families and friends. And we want you to enjoy your Thanksgiving Day with your family and friends as well. Stay safe and just enjoy your time, eat way too much, and get a good nap while you watch some college football game on TV. It sounds like America’s wonderful holiday there, all right!

Black Friday

But! Get lots of rest, because the very next day is our Black Friday Sales Event. Of course, we have our big sales event every Black Friday as you would expect, and there are many amazing deals that we have put together for you. All kinds of stuff to get excited about. Several guns that you’re going to want to jump with their sale pricing. May sure you keep an eye out for the sales flyer we will be releasing later this week and take advantage of Texas Gun Club’s Black Friday deals while they last.

Did someone say, “Beer”?

Here’s something to get excited about for local brewery fans out there. December 5th, we will have a new Tew Gun Club Tasting Series Event. Bullets and Brew with special guests, Stafford’s very own Texas Leaguer Brewing. These great guys are just down the street from us! Nathan, their owner, is a great guy, and they have a great group of people and some excellent beer!

Of course, we have a giveaway as a part of the shooting challenge. It will be a mixture of Texas Gun Club swag and Texas Leaguer Beer and goodies. So come and check it out! Plan on being a part of our Bullets and Brew on December 5th. It’s a Thursday night, from 6 PM to 8 PM. Get to know our neighbors, Texas Leaguer. You’re gonna love it!

Santa Clause is coming to town

Santa at Texas Gun Club

Also, coming up in December is our third annual Pictures with Santa event. This is a FREE event that we

love putting on every year for your families!Mark your calendars for December 14th from 9 AM to 1 PM. Santa will be here to take photos with your kids. We will also have a free BB gun shoot for the kids on one of our ranges from noon until 1 PM. There may even have an appearance from the pink bunny from A Christmas Story movie! So join on December 14th for crafts, hot chocolate, kids’ BB gun shoot, and Santa, of course!

Lots of stuff going on here at Texas Gun Club. Make sure that you like and subscribe to all our social channels and share us with your friends. Stay connected to what’s going on in the community here so that we can continue to have a great time together. Take care and see you on the range!

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