Published On: December 9, 2019

Hey, how are you! We are well into December and on our way to Christmas now. We have some great events, the last sale of the decade (!), and end of year goodness to tell you about. Let’s get on with our Monday Update! 

A Night of Friendly Competitionaction pistol night

Tomorrow is Action Pistol Night. Every second and fourth Tuesday night here at Texas Gun Club, we have a  friendly competition night. We have a great group of guys that come out for a couple of hours of shooting, learning and competing. If you’re interested in seeing what it’s all about, you are more than welcome to come and watch. 

Last Sale of the Decade

Christmas and End of Year Last Sale of the Decade!

Can you believe it? The decade is almost over. Starting this weekend, Saturday, December 15th is our Christmas and End of Year Sale! We are going to have some amazing deals, similar to what you saw for our Black Friday Special but with a lot more cool stuff going on. Great last-minute Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers for you and your loved ones are going to be on sale. Maybe even treat yourself while you are at it! This last sale of the decade will run from December 15th until January 31st!

Hang out with Santa

Guess who is making a pit-stop here at Texas Gun Club this weekend. It’s Santa! Santa will be here at TGC ready to meet your little ones and take a quick photo with them. This weekend, Saturday, December 15th is our 3rd annual Free Pictures with Santa Event. Stop by any time between 9 AM and 1 PM, for some Christmas treats, crafts and get your photo taken with Santa. He will even be giving doing a little storytime while he’s here. From noon to 1 PM, we will have one of the ranges open for a free BB gun shoot for your kiddos that want to head out to the range. If you don’t have a BB gun, no problem. We will hook you up! 

Do Good

While you’re here for Santa and the last sale of the decade, head on over to our Giving Tree and check out a few of our Do Good Opportunities. You can give monetarily towards the Romani Relief Project or even just write a quick note of encouragement for our local Teachers at Dulles Elementary. 

Last Sale of the DecadeHoliday Hours

There are a few changes to our store hours during this holiday season. We will be closing early (at 5 PM) this Sunday, December 15th for our Texas Gun Club Company Christmas Party. The team will be celebrating and have fun together because the more fun we have together, the better time we have offering you amazing customer experience. 

We’ll also be closing at 5 PM on Tuesday, December 24th, Christmas Eve so that you and our team can be with family, attend Christmas Eve services and just getting ready for all the festivities. On New Year’s Day, we will be opening at 11 AM instead of 9 AM. You know… just to help you all out a little ;)


Ok, a little Public Service Announcement for you. We have had reports from other gun ranges and gun stores around the Greater Houston Area that we wanted to share with you. This is, of course, the most wonderful time of the year. But it also seems to be a heightened time of year for crime and theft. It really makes us sad to hear that one of our Texas Gun Club family was affected by that. We want you to be aware of criminals that are targeting patrons of gun stores and ranges. They wait in or around parking lots for people to come out so that they can follow them and steal their firearms from their cars when they do not head directly home. 

We hate to bring this bad news up. Here’s what we’d like for you to do. Situational awareness is crucial. We do not want your joy and holiday spirit to be robbed this year. When you leave here after enjoying your time on the range, please go home and put those guns away. Don’t head to a restaurant and leave your valuables in the car.  In the last 10 months, over 2000 guns have been stolen out of cars in the Houston area. Please don’t take that risk. We just want you guys to be vigilant, prepared and having that situational awareness because we want you to enjoy your Christmas and not have something like this affect you. 

Ok, so from all of us here at Texas Gun Club, we love you and thank you. Have a Merry Christmas and we’ll see you on the range. Take care.

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