Published On: August 5, 2020

August is National Shooting Sports Month!

National Shooting Sports Month

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) is our trade association for the firearms industry. They host a National Shooting Sports month every year in August. Now, 2020 is obviously a little different, but we are going to celebrate nonetheless.

First Shots

At Texas Gun Club, you will find the First Shots program created by the NSSF. You can take that class here with us every day, at the top fo the hour. This class is excellent for someone completely new to firearms. If you have never shot before, are curious, or have not shot in a long time, this class is for you! 

Every hour, on the hour, you can take First Shots for just $25. After your class, you’ll be given a survey from the NSSF. Once you do that, the NSSF will send you $25 credit to use the next time you are at Texas Gun Club. So, it’s basically FREE! It’s a great way to knock the dust off your shooting time and get out there and have fun on the range, safely and comfortably. 

We’re celebrating National Shooting Sports Month in August and sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation. They do fantastic work. Check them out at

August is the perfect month to start Gunslinger

Our Gunslinger Program is up and running. We have just added new sessions to our schedule, and we want to make sure you go and check that out. Handgun 101 is the best place to start your firearms training. We try to make sure that everyone starts with all the essential basics. The next step for you is to join one of these Gunslinger Sessions.  

Camp Hope

Last week we celebrated Jason’s (President of Texas Gun Club) Birthday, and we had a great time. One of the things we did was have a little shooting competition against Jason to help raise funds for Camp Hope. Thanks to your help, together, we were able to raise over twelve hundred dollars to send to Camp Hope! Is that amazing or what?

Camp Hope is a privately funded organization. They do fantastic work in the lives of our veterans suffering from PTSD. Please check them out and learn all about their incredible organization at

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