Published On: September 9, 2019

Monday Update: Get Excited for October’s Range Day

Get excited! It’s a new week and we’ve got some great new event, range days and training opportunities to share with you!

LTC Mondays

As you all know, Mondays are our license to carry Monday. That means if you have your Texas state license to carry, you can show that at the range when you check in you get 50% off your range fees. So come on in, practice up and let us reward you with a little discount. If you do not have your Texas license to carry, we have LTC classes every single Saturday starting at about 8:45 a.m. Feel free to hit up our LTC page and get registered for one of those classes today.

Gunslinger Academy Kick-off!

Tonight, we are kicking off our Gunslinger Academy classes! This is a fantastic new way of firearms training. We’ve got Jason Brinkley in the house doing some amazing instruction in a very fun, kind of competitive shooting kind of way. If you are part of the Gunslinger Academy already and want to sign up and take these classes, we need you to register for them individually so that we can manage the class size. Do us a favor and head on over to our Gunslinger Academy page. We’ve sent you an email on how to register for those classes. If you have not received one, please contact us.

If you have not signed up and become a part of the Gunslinger Academy, you’ve got to check it out. It’s a very cool way of learning firearms instruction. It’s four months of unlimited access to first-tier courses. You’ll then take an assessment by shooting in a qualifying stage. If you pass, you’ll get to move on and graduate to the next tier. There are three tiers – Gunslinger, Gunslinger pro and the master gunslingers. We are excited to have this as a part of the Texas gun club DNA and we know you’re gonna love it!

Action Pistol Night

Tomorrow night, we have Jason back in the house with us for our Action Pistol Night. We’ve been doing this for a while every second and fourth Tuesday. It’s a great time for friendly competition and just a lot of fun together. It’s an IDPA style kind of an outlaw match so come on out with your Glock 43 or your STI combat master and have a good time.

Regulators Cowboy Fast Draw Club

Because we’re all about fun having a good time in the shooting sports, it is no surprise that we have a Cowboy Fastdraw Club. Join us for our next shoot on the 17th and on the 22nd. If you don’t have a six-shooter or you don’t have a rig, don’t worry about it! Come check it out anyway! We have stuff you can use and it’s a very welcoming, fun environment. We encourage people of all ages, even the youngsters, to come check it out.

Zev Technologies

Our next big event is Zev Technologies Range Day on September 28th. They are known for their beautifully modified Glocks and whatnot but they’ve also got their very brand-new Zev O.Z-9. This is a new platform in the market to get excited about. It’s modular, customizable and you will have a good time shooting it! Join us September 28th from 10:00 to 5:00. Zev is really cool and you’re gonna have a great time shooting their products.

Smith & Wesson Range Day

Here’s another range day to get excited about! On the 5th of October, we will have our buddy Mark Grissom with Smith & Wesson in from 10:00 to 5:00. If you’ve been to our Smith & Wesson Range Day before, you know Mark brings like a trailer of guns to shoot! We will be giving away a Smith & Wesson handgun so get excited and plan on joining us! We cannot wait to see your smiley shiny faces on October 5th. But don’t skip all this other fun stuff going on in September We want you to have a good time hanging out here building the community at Texas Gun Club centered around growing the shooting sports.

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