First Time on the Range

Everyone is nervous about their first time, so it’s OK if you feel tentative or even a bit anxious. We understand this because we have all been there before. Rest assured, you are in good hands. We want this to be the most comfortable and educational gun range experience you’ll ever have. To help, we’ve put together a short list of things you’ll need to know before entering the range.

Do I need my own gun or ammunition?

No, Texas Gun Club has everything you need to simply walk in and enjoy your first experience at a range. We want you to be and feel safe. We do have one rule that is absolute: if you’d like to utilize one of our rental guns, you must bring a friend if you do not own an operable firearm. To ensure everyone in our facility has an enjoyable experience, safety is key.

Will I shoot a gun my first time at the range?

If you are comfortable giving us a “shot”, we are going to get you shooting! We know everyone has a different level of anxiousness when it comes to firearms and shooting for the first time. We are here to help; just ask and we will assist you with observing as well as hands-on training.

Do I need safety equipment?

Texas Gun Club has everything you need for a safe and fun experience. We do require closed-toed and heeled shoes are worn when on our ranges. This is for everyone’s safety.

Will someone help me shoot?

Absolutely. If you are considering partnering with a private instructor when you first step into the range, we can coordinate that. or if you prefer to just be pointed in the right direction, our Range Staff and Range Safety Officers are here ready to assist you. You may also want to consider taking our Basic Handgun 101 class to help you get comfortable with your firearm. We want this to be a positive experience you are able to share with your friends. 

Can I go on the range with friends?

We love groups! We offer an assortment of packages to make sure you and your friends have a memorable time with us. The Range staff can assist you with lane bookings and reservations as well.