Texas Gun Club Range Rules

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Whenever handling a firearm, always follow the S.A.F.E. principles. Keep it simple, keep it safe!


Always keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction. Never point it at yourself, a body part or anyone or anything that you are not willing to destroy.


Always treat firearms as if they are loaded. Only you can declare a firearm safe. Never assume it is unloaded. Do a physical and visual check.


Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire.


Know your target and beyond. Pay attention to your surroundings. You are responsible for your bullets.

  • All guests must adhere to the S.A.F.E. Principle for Firearms Safety and follow the range rules and etiquette at all times.
  • Eye and Ear protection must be worn at all times while on a live-fire range.
  • Open-toed shoes (flip-flops/sandals) are not allowed on the range. Close-toed shoes must be worn on the range at all times.
  • In an emergency, you may hear, “Cease Fire, Cease Fire, Cease Fire”. Stop shooting immediately and await further instructions.
  • Follow the instructions of Range Personnel at all times.
  • ALL firearms must be in a case, a range bag, or properly holstered until you are in your assigned shooting position.
  • Never un-holster or uncase a firearm for recreational shooting anywhere other than at an assigned shooting point.
  • Load firearms only on the firing line bench.
  • Only one (1) firearm may be fired at a time per assigned shooting lane.
  • Shoot only at the target in your assigned lane or course of fire.
  • Do not exchange firearms hand to hand. Firearms must be placed on the bench when switching shooters.
  • No one is permitted forward of the shooting line without Range Staff approval.
  • Firearm cleaning is not permitted unless otherwise directed by management. Our Gunsmith Shop is available for firearm maintenance and cleaning.
  • Notify the staff if you want to keep your brass. We will provide you with a bag of brass equal to the caliber and number of rounds shot so you do not have to pick up brass from the floor. You may keep any brass that lands on the shooting table. The use of a brass catcher is permitted.
  • Only authorized targets may be used on our range. Please ask our staff if you plan to use a target other than those provided by Texas Gun Club.
  • Make sure the area is safe around you before picking up items off the floor. Never pick up things that have fallen under or in front of the shooting bench.
  • Food, drinks, and tobacco products (including snuff, chewing tobacco, or vaporizers) are not allowed on the range at any time.
  • You are not permitted to handle firearms, ammunition, or shoot on a Texas Gun Club range while under the influence of drugs, narcotics, or alcohol. (You may be denied entry if a staff member smells alcohol or drugs or observes behavior consistent with someone under the influence.)
  • Shooting firearms is inherently dangerous, and you assume all risks. Pregnant women, anyone with poor health or seizure disorders, may not use our range without a specific release from their physician and do so at their own risk.
  • Always follow local, state, and federal laws and ordinances.
  • Do not leave the firing line with a firearm that has not been cleared and made safe.
  • Repeat safety violators who refuse to correct unsafe behavior or undergo training will be asked to leave.
  • Ask for assistance if you are unsure how to operate a firearm safely. A short 15-minute familiarization course is available for $25 per person.
  • At least one guest per lane party must demonstrate safe firearms handling skills before shooting on our range. If you are inexperienced, unsure, or new to shooting sports, you must take our short familiarization class.
  • Most handguns and rifles up to 2700 fps are authorized. (Please call ahead if you have questions)
  • Shotguns are permitted. (See Ammunition Restrictions)
  • Air Guns/Rifles are permitted.
  • Full-automatic firearms are available for rent and allowed at the discretion of the Range Safety Team.
  • NFA firearms and accessories are permitted so long as they comply with all local, state, and federal laws. You may be asked to show proper paperwork for NFA items.
  • Black powder muzzle-loading firearms are currently NOT permitted.
  • Ammunition must be approved by the Sporting Arms and Ammunitions Manufacturer’s Institute (SAAMI).
  • Reloaded ammunition is only permitted if approved by the Range Master or General Manager.
  • We are a BRASS ONLY RANGE.
  • When renting or using our firearms, you must purchase ammunition from Texas Gun Club.
  • Hollow-point ammunition is acceptable so long as it meets other restrictions.
  • Shotguns: only slugs and #4 Buck Shot or larger may be fired.
  • Armor-piercing or penetrating ammunition.
  • Steel or Aluminum Jacketed, Steel Shot, Steel Core Bullets. (If it sticks to a magnet, it’s not permitted)
  • Tracer, Incendiary, Gas, or Explosive Ammunition
  • Shooting after the presentation from the holster is permitted only by those certified by Texas Gun Club management.
  • Only approved holsters may be used. (External, strong-side belt holsters). See a staff member for details.
  • If you experience a firearm or ammunition malfunction that you cannot resolve, place the firearm on the bench and seek assistance from our range safety team.
  • All negligent discharges must be reported immediately.
  • All firearms and ammunition are subject to safety inspections. Management reserves the right to prohibit the use of any firearm or ammunition.
  • All persons utilizing the range must receive, understand and sign the rules, regulations, disclaimer, and waiver of liability notice.
  • Observing (non-participating) guests must also sign the waiver before entering the range.
  • Guest under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who must sign the waiver and accept liability on their behalf.
  • You must be twenty-one (21) years of age to rent a firearm or a shooting lane by yourself.
  • Active Duty Military Members at least 18 years of age may rent a lane without another responsible adult being present. (Must show Active Duty ID)
  • Any responsible adult may accompany a person at least twelve (12) years of age and less than twenty-one (21) years of age.
  • Minors at least seven (7) and not yet twelve (12) years of age must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian to be allowed on the live-fire range.
  • Minors under seven (7) years of age are not allowed on a live-fire range.
  • Be cautious of leaving firearms in your vehicle. Thieves often watch parking lots of high-value activities such as banks, gun stores, etc.
  • You are financially responsible for damage to lights, baffles, carriers, or any other property or equipment at Texas Gun Club.
  • If it is determined that the damage was intentional, you may be subject to suspension, eviction and/or civil or criminal prosecution.

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