Published On: August 3, 2021
The Importance of Taking a Gun Safety Course

Many gun owners are surprised to learn that it is not required for them to take a gun safety course. This can be dangerous, as many people will not know how to handle their firearms properly.

If you want the best chance of protecting yourself and those around you, then taking a handgun safety course should be your top priority.

These courses teach students how to safely use firearms in threatening situations and educate them on the legalities of carrying a concealed weapon or Texas handgun license. Keep reading to learn more about why taking a gun safety course is important.

You Will Learn About How Guns Work and Their Function

Along with teaching students how to use guns in potentially dangerous situations, taking a gun safety course will also give you an understanding of the firearm’s function. Here are some examples:

• You’ll know what part of the gun is used for which purpose (trigger, magazine, hammer).

• You’ll know that firearms are divided into four categories based on their uses and intended audiences: hunting rifles/shotguns, target shooting rifles/shotguns, security shotguns/hunting rifles, and military model pistols.

• You’ll understand why some guns have mechanisms such as safeties or loaded chamber indicators to help prevent accidents from happening.

• You’ll learn about signs of damage and when you may need to have your firearm checked out by a gunsmith.

You Will Learn the Basics of How to Properly Handle a Gun And Safety Techniques

When handling firearms, there are four basic safety rules that should you should always follow to ensure your safety and the safety of others. By practicing these gun safety rules regularly, they will become routine, habit, and ritual.

1. ALWAYS Treat a Gun as Is if It Is Loaded

By treating a gun as if it is loaded, you’ll be more aware of the potential dangers and risks associated with firearms.

Ammunition can still be chambered even when the firearm’s magazine has been removed, or rounds have been fired from the barrel. There may also be ammunition loose in areas such as on tables, shelves, or other surfaces near where guns are stored.

If this is not followed, then an accidental discharge could result due to mishandling firearms by someone else who was unaware they were empty or because another person did not understand that these rules applied while handling a firearm for maintenance purposes.

2. ALWAYS Point a Gun in a Safe Direction

It is imperative that when handling a firearm for any reason, it should always be pointed in a safe direction. This means you must never point the gun at something you do not intend to destroy or harm. If an accidental discharge occurs and someone else is hit, there could be serious consequences, including injury or death.

3. ALWAYS Keep Your Finger off the Trigger Until You Intend to Shoot the Gun

Another safety rule that is often violated, having your finger on the trigger when you do not intend to shoot can lead to an accidental discharge. You should always keep your finger off of the trigger until you intend to shoot.

4. ALWAYS Be Aware of What Is Behind and Around Your Target

Every gun owner should be mindful of what is around them and their target. It’s not just a good idea to know the area behind your intended target, but also any objects in front of it.

If you are shooting from an elevated position, such as for hunting or using a rifle scope, always ensure that there is nothing between yourself and your target with which you could have contact if they were hit by stray rounds.

You’ll Get Hands-On Experience Handling a Firearm

You will get hands-on experience with handling different types of firearms in various positions, whether it’s in an indoor gun range or an outdoor shooting range. You will also learn about ammunition, cleaning your weapon, storage guidelines, and more.

Misfires or negligent discharges and even accidental gun deaths are often caused by individuals who are unfamiliar with how firearms work. Someone unfamiliar with firearms may think shooting a gun is simple, but the first time a person comes face-to-face with one, their presumed knowledge quickly evaporates.

The majority, if not all, gun safety courses offer people the opportunity to practice loading, unloading, handling, and firing firearms safely in a shooting range. A person’s gun safety education will carry through their entire lives, allowing them to educate others and to know how to operate a loaded firearm in a situation where one may find one. This is the key to keeping those around them safe.

You’ll Learn How Guns Can Be Used for Self-Defense

Gun safety courses can teach you when and how to use a gun for self-defense. They cover such topics as the legalities of shooting someone, what to do if an intruder breaks into your home or business with a loaded firearm, how to defend yourself in public against armed assailants, and more.

There have been demonstrations with concealed carriers such as shopkeepers defending themselves from armed robbers without resorting to bloodshed; these events have helped change public opinion on both sides of the issue.

The knowledge gained from taking these classes is invaluable, not just because it will make you safer but also because it may save lives by allowing you to help others around you stay safe too.

You’ll Learn About Qualifications for License to Carry Permits

You should take a gun safety course because it’s the best way to learn how to properly use your firearm. More importantly, you’ll also get all of the information about qualifications for License to Carry Permits.

You will also learn about different firearm laws within your state and what constitutes legal possession vs. illegal possession. This knowledge is crucial for gun safety and will also keep you from breaking the law.

5 Reasons to Take a Gun Safety Course

Gun safety is of paramount importance to any gun owner. Taking a course should be viewed as essential and not optional for anyone with firearms in their home or on their person. Our comprehensive basics course at Firearms University at TGC takes your learning experience into account.

We offer more than just basic information about guns; we provide you with skills training so you can learn how to use them safely and effectively while protecting yourself from potential dangers. Contact us today if you want to take your firearms proficiency to the next level!