the academies

gunslinger Academy

  • COST: $499

  • PREREQUISITE: Completion of Marksman Academy

  • INCLUDES: ear protection and target

  • DURATION: 6-weeks, beginning on the same night, at the same time as the first night of the session you registered for.


    • Simi-automatic pistol with strong side proper fitted belt holster (no shoulder holsters)
    • Minimum of 3 magazines and two magazine pouches
    • 100 rounds of ammunition
    • Hearing and eye protection
    • Notepad and writing utensils

The Gunslinger Academy is a six-week, advanced skills-based training academy focusing on adding tactical concepts to the skills learned in The Marksmen Academy. These tactics include movement, maximizing shooting efficiency, shooting in low light, and shooting under stress. These important tactics added to fundamentals are crucial to preparing for The Gunfighter Academy.

This course is taught in the classroom and on the range. Registration includes class and range fees, ear protection, and targets.