Handgun 201

  • COST: $129

  • PREREQUISITE: Handgun 101 or pre-qualification by TGC instructor

  • INCLUDES: ear protection and target

  • DURATION: approximately 2-3 hours/classroom and range


    • Handgun (handguns are available to rent. You can find our rental fleet and pricing by clicking HERE)
    • Eye protection (available for purchase)
    • 200 rounds of ammo (brass only, available for purchase)
    • Holster and sturdy belt, magazine pouch, 2 magazines
    • Notepad and pen

Handgun 201 is the next step that allows the student to work on the fundamentals while learning more advanced shooting techniques and help the student better prepare for defensive situations with a firearm.

This class introduces drawing from the holster and reloading drills that will challenge the shooter in new ways.

Handgun 201 is a prep course for the Academies in Firearms University. Once you have completed this course, you can practice drawing (TGC Holster qualified) from a Outside the Waistband (OWB) holster here at Texas Gun Club.