Texas License to Carry Course

As of September 1st, 2021, Constitutional Carry will go into effect in Texas.  There is a lot of responsibility on the gun owner to know and understand these laws. The License to Carry (formerly called concealed handgun license or CHL in Houston, TX) is still an extremely valid and valuable option for gun owners and has benefits beyond carrying your firearm without the LTC.

With this one course, we will equip you with the knowledge of the laws pertaining to carrying a firearm and draw comparisons between the License to Carry and Constitutional Carry options afforded to you as a Texas resident.

This course provides the education and assessment necessary to obtain a Texas License to Carry. It includes the four hours of instruction as mandated by the Texas Department of Public Safety, shooting proficiency, the written test, everything you need to apply for your license with the state, and the confidence to carry. Students are required to pass a firearms proficiency demonstration and a written exam.

PLEASE NOTE: You will not learn how to shoot a handgun in this course. If you are new to handguns, we recommend that you take Handgun 101 prior to this certification. You must be able to demonstrate proficiency with a handgun in order to complete the LTC certification.

What You Need to Take Our CHL Training in Houston, TX

Frequently Asked Questions and
Helpful links for getting your License to Carry in Houston

  • Do you provide fingerprinting services?
    Fingerprinting is done through IdentoGo. While we do have one of their locations in our facility, they are a separate entity. You can view their locations, schedules, and availability here: https://uenroll.identogo.com/.

  • Do I need to know how to shoot?
    Yes. The License to Carry course is not an instructional course for those new to firearms. If you are not already proficient with firearms, we highly recommend taking Handgun 101.

  • I’ve already taken a class online. Can I just take my proficiency portion with you?
    Yes. You can schedule your proficiency portion of your Texas License to Carry HERE.

  • Do I have to have my own firearm?
    No. We have rentals available for your use. We do require that you purchase our range ammo to use with our rentals.

  • This is a lot of information and I’m afraid I’m missing something. Can you lay all the steps out for me?
    Absolutely! We totally understand! While we always provide post-class instructions, sometimes it helps to have all the information laid out for us.
    1. Make sure you qualify and read over any information at the Texas DPS website.
    2. Register for either our in-person LTC class (schedule/registration are below) or our Online LTC Class.
    3. If you took an online class, once you complete it, schedule and take your proficiency test.
    4. Apply for your Texas License To Carry.
    5. Schedule your fingerprints.

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Why People Come to Texas Gun Club for Firearms Carry Course in Houston

“Great place to enjoy the day, have already bought a pistol, at a great price.also took the ltc class combo course, and as of today have my license to carry, but as always all great business it starts with great people, and the staff at texas gun club have that !!!!! so I look forward to becoming a member soon…… real soon.”

Michael Wayne Copeland, Facebook Reviews

“HIGHLY recommend the LTC class with Will. In 6 hrs, not one dull moment. He’s an awesome instructor! Beautiful facility, clean and spacious shooting range. Great retail stock, and delish bbq restaurant inside. I will be back!”

Raquel Sorto, Facebook Reviews

“Great staff, excellent facility, and fair pricing. Quite a few different weapons to rent if you don’t have one of your own. They do FFL transfers, have weapons on sale (new/consignment), and do a variety of training classes. I took my LTC class here and I highly recommend it. Overall this range is 100% worthy of five stars.”

A Rod, Google Reviews

“Went this past weekend to get my LTC. Instructor Will was AWESOME. the staff was GREAT! Mark W. saw that I was struggling on the range and helped me out tremendously, lifesaver! Thanks Guys. Will be back!”

Saved AJones, Facebook Reviews