OC Pepper Spray Class

  • COST: $80


  • INCLUDES: Inert water spray unit; Face Shield

  • DURATION: approximately 2 hours; the last hour is hands-on training with verbal commands and a water spray unit

  • EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Note-taking material. All else is supplied.

Pepper spray is one of the most underrated self-defense tools available to the public. A firearm is not the answer to all self-defense confrontations, so this is an opportunity to learn how to implement a non-lethal option. Pepper spray can also be taken into places that don’t allow firearms. Unfortunately, many people discount pepper spray because they don’t purchase the correct types or potencies.

The first time you use the correct OC pepper spray shouldn’t be when your life or a loved one’s is on the line. In this class, you will learn what formula OC spray you should use, Texas laws pertaining to OC pepper spray, how to travel with pepper spray, how to stage your pepper spray so it is accessible, what to do after you spray in self-defense, and most importantly each student receives a water unit that they will practice with. You will learn how to be situationally aware and how to implement verbal commands, and effectively use your inert water spray.

Cindy is a certified non-LEO Pepper Spray Instructor and is also certified by Sabre Red. She has taught this class around the country and says this class is especially useful for college-bound students too.