LTC Shooting proficiency test

  • COST: $50

  • PREREQUISITE: State-required LTC 4 hour online (or classroom) instruction

  • DURATION: 1.5 hour firearms safety class and the firing range portion


    • Handgun (handguns are available to rent. You can find our rental fleet and pricing by clicking HERE)
    • Eye protection (available for purchase)
    • 50 rounds of ammo (brass only, available for purchase)
    • LTC-101 form

This class provides students that take their License to Carry online the required 1.5-hour firearms safety class and the firing range portion required to get your Texas License to Carry permit.

Candidates must score 70 percent or 175 points out of a possible perfect score of 250. If you fail the proficiency test, a retry is permitted.

After passing the exam and proficiency test, the student will receive the CHL-100 certificate, which can then be sent to the DPS to complete the requirements.

This is the Range Safety and Shooting Proficiency ONLY. You must have already taken and passed your ONLINE LTC class to register for the range proficiency. This is NOT a firearms training course. If you need to learn how to handle, manipulate, and shoot your firearm accurately, please register for Handgun 101.