Texas Private Security Board Certifications & Qualifications


  • Unarmed Security Officer (Level 2)
  • Armed/Commissioned Security Officer (Level 3)

  • Personal Protection Officer (Level 4)

  • Chemical Spray (Pepper Spray Certification

  • Armed/Commissioned Security (RECERTIFICATION)

Are you looking for a new career path? These courses are designed to provide participants with the concepts and skills necessary for a non-commissioned security officer in the State of Texas. The online course delivers Texas Private Security Bureau-approved curriculum for non-commissioned security officers, including roles and responsibilities, legal aspects of security work, security communications, and response to emergencies and safety hazards. Your agency’s departmental policy may supersede the practices taught in this course.


The Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Program regulates the private security and private investigation industry in Texas under the Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 1702, and the Private Security Board’s Administrative Rules. Texas Safety Academy is currently licensed by the Texas Private Security Bureau as a class F–Level III Training School.

Class Offerings:

Texas Level II TPSB Non-Commissioned Security Guard Course

  • (6) hour introductory security course mandated for anyone to work security in the State of Texas.
  • Covers Prevention and Deterrence, Ethics, Observation, Reporting, Offense Types and Arrest, Radio Procedures, Report Writing, Conflict Resolution, and Texas Penal Code and more.

Texas LIII TPSB Commissioned Security Guard Course

  • 45 hours (five, nine-hour days)
  • Mandated for armed security guards in the State of Texas
  • Reviews Level II material while adding handcuffing techniques, holds, restraints and weapon retention, baton and pepper spray. Students will also receive firearms training

Texas TPSB LIII Re-Qualification

  • six (6) hour re-certification course
  • required every two years for anyone to work security in the State of Texas
  • covers Prevention and Deterrence, Ethics, Observation, Reporting, Offense Types and Arrests, Radio Procedures, Report Writing, Conflict Resolution, Texas Penal Code, and more.

Texas PSB Certified Level IV – Armed Personal Personal Protection Officer (PPO) Course

  • 15-hrs training course
  • Teaches TX Private Security Board standards for professional personal protection officers (bodyguards/executive protection).
  • Course includes:
    • Advanced, close-contact defense
    • Close protection formations
    • Security planning, route recon & advance
    • Area Security
    • Protected evacuation
    • and more….

What to bring:

  • Day One – Pen and paper for notes
  • Day Two through Six – You will need an external police/security-style duty belt and service weapon. Duty belt, holster, handcuffs & case, collapsible baton and holder, pepper spray pouch. The belt may also have a radio holder, glove pouch, key holder, etc, but those are not required.

To schedule a PSB Certified course (at regular pricing), your security contractor, company, or organization must guarantee at least five seats. A private course is available for an additional fee.

From time to time, seats become available to the public. Courses that are scheduled, resourced, and open to the public are listed below.

If you need to schedule training or re-certification for you and/or your security company, please contact us at [email protected]